Skolt Sámi Museum

Illustrations commissioned by Tana og Varanger museumssiida/Skolt Sámi Museum.


Skolt Sámi Museum (Ä´vv Skolt Sámi museum) was opened 16th Juni 2017. During 2016/2017 I made illustrations for the permanent exhibition of the museum and also edited/developed maps with the right details and information, based on maps from Nordregio. It was an exciting process, working with designers, exhibition architects and museum staff. 


This is just a small selection of work. Photos and logo by Tana og Varanger museumssiida/Skolt Sámi Museum and Rethink.


June 2, 2017


Illustration, Information

animals, culture, information, landscape, museum, nature, pencil, realistic, vector