Animation commissioned by Rizer/Digit.


In 2003, a third of boys aged between 14 and 15 in the UK said they had committed a crime. Could a £1.1m government website keep such teenagers on the straight and narrow? Rizer was an initiative from the UK government, a website aimed at keeping teenagers out of trouble. Doms story is one of several case studies. It’s the story of how Dom kept making the wrong decisions and ended up in trouble. This website aimed to lead youths out of the cycle of crime by giving them facts about the options on offer and also guide them through the criminal justice system and the consequences of breaking the law.


The animation was simple, voice-driven, quite long and based on stills, some of which you can see here.


October 17, 2003


Illustration, Animation, Characters, Web

characters, children, colours, crime, education, government, information, online, people, storyboard, vector, youth