Website commissioned by Rimmel London/Coty Beauty.


Coty Beauty, the international beauty brand, wanted to make Rimmel even more about London and the London lifestyle, so Deepend was commissioned to add a new section to the UK Rimmel website, the ME-section. This section was based around five areas and girls of London; Soho, Camden, Notting Hill, Portobello and Hoxton plus a home girl. You could follow the girls getting ready for going out to the markets, parks or clubs, or having a makeover. There were sections of interaction where you could put on different make up, flirt with boys or shop different items at the markets and get different results. It was a fun and popular site and it was live for around 10 years, something that was quite extraordinary for a website being produced in 2002. As Deepend went into liquidation during the project, Helen, Nicky and I who’d lost our jobs did most of the project from a tiny office at Coty Beauty in Wimbledon.


Drawing the market stall traders were especially fun as I drew real people we met who allowed us to use them as reference for the project. On the other hand, we eventually had to remove Kate Moss from our ME-section as her agents wanted large amounts of money just for using photos of her as reference.


February 20, 2002


Illustration, Advertising, Game graphics, Web

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