Illustrations/animations commissioned by Lego via Tommygun.

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During 2005 and 2006 I made 16 small flash animations for the international Lego website to showcase different Baby (6-18 months), Quatro (1-3 years) and Duplo (2-5 years) Lego products. Tommygun and I came up with little stories about each product. I was given images of the products and drew them in a fake 3D style in Illustrator before I animated it all in Flash, spending no more than two-three days on each project. I even added the sound which I found free online, thereby not top quality (Lego was not on top financially those days).


The Baby products animated were Ducks and Boat. The Quatro product was Elephant. The Duplo products were Digger, Police, Dragons, Bricks, Construction, Airport, Farm, Princess Castle, Train, Fire Helicopter, Zoo, Dolls House and Pirates. I also made game graphics in the same style for a Lego game called Fire Station Academy.


The amount of images produced were massive, so I only present a small part here. -Two animations, some single elements and two storyboards with finished illustrations.


May 20, 2006


Illustration, Animation, Advertising, Game graphics, Web

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