Cartoon Network

Games and microsite graphics commissioned by Cartoon Network, produced at Deepend.


Whilst working at Deepend I did a lot of graphics for games available on the UK Cartoon Network website. The graphics had to fit the series and original graphics and characters. I was not allowed to re-draw already existing characters, but I could cut them up for making the right poses. Mostly I drew backgrounds and objects. I worked on games like Kart Attack/Ed, Edd n’Eddy, Swat’s Up/Tom&Jerry and Toonathlon featuring lots of cartoon characters for the summer olympics 2000.


The graphics presented here are for the game Cat-a-pult/Tom&Jerry, the front page for Tom&Jerry microsite and a gangster character I drew from scratch for the game Reservoir Rescue to fit the Hong Kong Phoey style.


September 10, 2000


Illustration, Characters, Game graphics, Web

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