British Telecom

Illustrations commissioned by British Telecom via UK agency Imagination.


A selection of illustrations for animated campaign presenting Ker’ching. Ker’ching was BTs “store of the future” where they wanted to change and simplify the way retailers run stores and the way consumers shopped. I illustrated elements on the way from factory to customer. The client wanted me to draw in oblique projection, a simple type of perspective drawing used for producing two-dimensional images of three-dimensional objects. This was because a lot of the objects were “exploding” so I had to make all sides of them ready to be animated. I have to admit I found it hard not to draw perspective in the three-dimensional, “right” way, and I did cheat a bit when possible. I also found drawing trucks is my second favorite after drawing people.


June 21, 2004


Illustration, Advertising, Web

colours, information, product, realistic, retail, stylized, technical, transport, vector